Seasonal Tokens - About
The spring halving is about to happen soon:


About the Team

The project was conceived and started by the lead developer, Ruadhan, who was motivated to create a new investment that wouldn't suffer from the bear markets that arise from bitcoin's seasonality. Ruadhan has extensive experience in software engineering and cryptocurrency development, as well as years of experience working as a quant in the financial sector. More information about the motivation behind the project and the process of launching it is available in the HodlersHub interview.

In addition to software development, a successful project needs a community, a dedicated team, and marketing. Tears has joined the project as the community manager, bringing years of experience working with DeFi and crypto projects to the team, and has built a growing and active community on Discord. The marketing is coordinated by Polar, who has extensive experience with digital marketing and cryptocurrency projects.

The team has expanded since the project started to accommodate the needs of a growing community. Logitech is the resident Discord expert and moderator. Trinity is our lead tech guru and investor liaison. Holdimir leads the community on Discord. Mouph serves as community advisor, and Helping Hand provides assistance and also serves as a moderator. The entire team is accessible on Discord to answer questions and help people get involved.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the project is to make the investment opportunity provided by the tokens a reality, using industry-standard best practices and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. The interests of investors have been the highest priority at every stage.

Ruadhan has been through KYC with to provide investors with assurances that the team will fulfill their legal obligations. The code has been engineered using best practices, and audited by three independent teams to ensure that it does exactly what it's intended to do. The smart contracts went through a stringent process of automated and public testing before they were deployed on the main ethereum network. As a result of these efforts, investors can achieve a high level of confidence in the security, functionality, and regulatory compliance of the tokens.

The long-term vision is a future in which every investor can include the tokens in their portfolio, either as a primary investment, or to hedge the seasonality of other investments.