Seasonal Tokens - Mining
The spring halving is about to happen soon:

Mining Seasonal Tokens

The tokens are smart contracts running on the Ethereum network, but they're produced by proof-of-work mining, like Bitcoin. You can mine the tokens on your home computer if you have a good graphics card, by downloading and running the mining software. Most mining today is performed using FPGAs, which are more competitive than graphics cards.

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Clicking below will send your token balance to the following address:

You will need to have enough ETH in your account to pay for the gas fee for minting show above as well as the gas used by the withdrawal transaction.

The transaction will take a short time to be confirmed on the Ethereum network. It will be visible as a Pending Withdrawal in your MetaMask wallet until then.

Please allow each withdrawal to complete before withdrawing again. If multiple withdrawals are submitted at the same time, only one of them will succeed.


If you have an Nvidia or AMD card, you can download the mining software for your card and operating system, and then use one of the following pool addresses for pool mining:


For Nvidia cards, you can use Cosmic Miner, and for AMD cards, you can use SolidiytSha3Miner.

FPGA's provide the most mining power. You can get a Blackminer from for about $1,500.

If the balance of a particular season exceeds 1,000 tokens, then you need to withdraw those tokens within 30 days or your farm contribution will increase from 9% to 24%.

The 9% contribution provides an incentive for people to farm. The farm creates a seasonal demand for the tokens that complements the seasonal supply from mining. It also ensures that there is liquidity present on Uniswap, so that the tokens can be bought and sold.

If miners are choosing to pay a 24% farm contribution instead of withdrawing, it means that the prices of the tokens are too low in comparison to the cost of the gas needed to withdraw them. Sending tokens to the farm supports the prices of the tokens. The overall proportion of tokens sent to the farm varies between 9% and 24%, depending on how the miners act.