Seasonal Tokens - Charts
The spring halving is about to happen soon:

Price charts

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Important Note about Theoretical Prices

The chart above shows an idealized market response to the changes in the cost of producing each token over time. It's based on an estimate of how long it will take the market to adjust to each change in supply. In the chart, each token's price relative to the others goes from its minimum value to its maximum over the course of exactly one year.

In practice, the prices will not behave exactly like this. There will be fluctuations in each price, and the market may adjust more quickly or slowly than estimated.

The chart is intended to provide a visual representation of how we would expect the prices to behave in an ideal market that responds smoothly and continuously to changes in supply. Real market prices react in a volatile, unpredictable way.

The chart above is purely hypothetical and involves assumptions and estimates that are unlikely to be exactly correct. It should not be considered to be a prediction of future prices, and it should not be used by traders to decide when to trade.