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Seasonal Tokens - Community


Community Lead Developer

Ruadhan holds a PhD in theoretical physics and specialized in automated strategies for trading equities during his time working as a quant in the financial sector. He has been cited as a cryptocurrency expert in major publications including CoinTelegraph, Weiss Ratings, and Ruadhan wrote the Seasonal Tokens white paper and smart contract code, created the mining pool, and has led the project since the tokens launched in September, 2021.


Community Coordinator

Sam has been with the team since the beginning, working largely within community leadership and team building. Having worked within DeFi fulltime for four years and having a passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Sam has a wealth of knowledge and networks that he utilizes to help bring Seasonal Tokens to the forefront of cryptocurrency investments.


Community Marketing Director

Best-selling author and seasoned marketer with over 14 years of experience. During his career he has built and successfully sold two of his brands while helping companies with their digital marketing needs. Since the beginning of 2020 he is deeply involved and working only in the crypto space as a marketing advisor and CMO.


Strategic Development & Partnerships

A highly experienced strategic development, partnerships, and growth consultant with over 6 years of experience working within the global blockchain based crypto assets space, driving the achievement of ambitious targets. Deep expertise and knowledge in all aspects of Digital Assets, Tokenomics and Tokenization, DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, Web3, GameFi and the Metaverse.


Community Designer

Artist / Physics PhD / working at the interface of art, culture, and technology. Currently helping people understand the historical importance of blockchain technology for the evolution of society.


Community Creative Consultant

Mouph is an entrepreneur who has been in the business world from a young age. He has been a consultant, advisor, and Discord guru for many years now. Mouph studies and trades cryptocurrency daily and is enthusiastic about the power of blockchain technology to change the future. He is sociable, loves to chat, and can be counted on to help you out on Discord whenever you like.


Community Leader

Holdimir is a life coach and mentor who is involved in innovation and entrepreneurship. He has been supporting startups for the past 4 years and coaching people with life challenges to reach a better & more peaceful state of mind. He is the Seasonal Tokens community leader, and he is your go-to-guy if you need any type of support.


Community Project Advisor

Robot is a mechatronics engineer with 20 years of experience in technology-related projects. He is a part-time advisor for the Seasonal Tokens project on mining and farming.


Community Discord Administrator

Logitech was the first moderator to join the team after the creation of the Discord server in 2021. With expertise in Discord security, administration, and project development, Logitech serves the day-to-day needs of the project and the community on their primary platform for interaction and collaboration.

Helping Hand

Community Lead Designer

Helping Hand has a master’s degree in architecture and runs an architectural practice, He has a keen eye for art and design. His primary role at seasonal tokens was to communicate and manage the Seasonal tokens community, although over the past year his role has been shifted to various aspects of the project including the layout & design aspects of the upcoming newspaper. He has managed several communities on platforms such as: Discord, Zoom, Microsoft teams and TeamSpeak for years. If you need assistance and or have suggestions, message Helping Hand!


Technology Specialist

Foxeane has a bachelor's degree in computer applications and has been a network , server and hardware engineer for 12 years. Aside from work, Foxeane loves using AI to create images. For the past year, she's been creating AI art too!


Community Consultant and Developer

LeoGeal holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics, and has 18 years of experience in the financial industry as a Quantitative Researcher/Strategist. Currently, alongside his career in a financial company, he manages his personal investment portfolio, and contributes part-time to the Seasonal Tokens project with writing articles from his investor point of view, and coding.

Dark of Lord

Community Moderator and Developer

Dark of Lord has been actively working as Software Developer for many years. He has an important role on Discord; his bots like the "Seasonal Battle" bot simplify tasks, management, and provide fun activities on discord server. Also, he serves as a MOD, offering support and assistance to the community.


Community Moderator

Crex is a pharmacist and web3 enthusiast with experience in graphic design, video editing, social media management and content with over 3 years experience in the crypto space.

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