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Time to Winter Halving:


Trade Tokens for More Tokens - Increasing Your Tokens On Autopilot!

Holders can benefit from the changing of the seasons by trading expensive tokens for the cheaper tokens. Where, before the Spring halving, the prices were close to the ratio 5:6:7:8, with five Winter tokens worth eight Spring tokens. After the halving, when the prices were close to the new target ratio of 10:6:7:8, eight Spring tokens were worth approximately ten Winter tokens. A Winter holder who anticipated the change of seasons would have traded five Winter tokens for eight Spring tokens before June, and would trade those eight Spring tokens for ten Winter tokens today.

Accordingly, by doubling the number of tokens they owned, that specific holder could increase the value of their tokens without relying on price appreciation. By following this simple yet effective rule: Always buy tokens for more tokens of a different type, holders can guarantee that the total number of tokens they hold will increase with every trade they make. Accordingly, the risk of making a loss, measured in tokens only, can potentially be eliminated. Our trading simulator allows users to see how their holdings can grow over the course of ten years, by following this rule.

Inception and Motivation - The Early Days & The Driving Force!

The 'Seasonal Tokens' were conceived as custom designed cryptocurrencies, inspired by Bitcoin. Bitcoin's rate of production is halved once every four years, leading to a bull market over the following year as the market price rises in reaction to the decrease in supply. With four tokens, and halvings happen every nine months, investors can take advantage of the same mechanism more than five times as frequently as Bitcoin's halvings allow.

An actual introduction to the motivation and background behind the project is given in the Nasdaq interview, which can be viewed here: Nasdaq interview. More information in regards to the exact origin and development of the 'Seasonal Tokens' project is available in the Whitepaper, that can be viewed here: white paper as well as on our Medium blog, which can be viewed here: Medium blog. An in-depth explanation of the early history of the project can be viewed here: HodlersHub interview.

Trustless and Decentralized - Moving Away From Human Error!

Inspired by Bitcoin, the tokens have been ultimately designed to have the exact same characteristics of being, both trustless and decentralized in their very nature. Accordingly, they are mined using a proof-of-work (PoW) system, and nobody has any more control over the tokens than anybody else. Every holder is subsequently, on the exact same footing.

The tokens are for all intents and purposes commodities and are not issued by a corporation. Holders who purchase the tokens are not betting that a specific business will succeed. They are purchasing commodities that they know will be harder to obtain in the future. Like Bitcoin, the tokens are unaccompanied by any promise that could be broken. They are simply mineable, tradeable tokens with specific production schedules.

Mineable and Tradeable - Simply Mine, And Then Trade The Tokens!

Unlike tokens that can be produced at will and represent the liabilities of a corporation, 'Seasonal Tokens' can only be produced by proof-of-work (PoW) mining. Accordingly, nobody has been given any tokens for free. The 'Seasonal Tokens' founders also need to mine or buy the tokens, like the rest of our community, in order to acquire them. Instructions on how to exactly mine the 'Seasonal Tokens' can actually be found here: getting started guide.

The smart contracts that control the issuance and transfer of the tokens have already been deployed on the Ethereum network. As they all reside on the same blockchain, they can be easily traded for one another on various decentralized exchanges (Dex's) such as Uniswap. They also benefit from Ethereum's security, and do not need to maintain a peer-to-peer network or defend against possible 51% attacks. This video shows how easily the tokens can be bought and traded using the MetaMask browser extension.

Developed Using Industry-Standard Best Practices - Security & Interoperability!

Security and interoperability were the central priorities during the development of the 'Seasonal Tokens' smart contract code. The tokens comply with both the ERC-20 and ERC-918 standards, making it absolutely possible to both store and trade them, using an existing software wallet, and additionally, to be able to mine them using existing mining software.

The smart contracts have been audited by three independent teams of security experts, ensuring our confidence the code does exactly what it's intended to do. Bug bounties were offered during the weeks of public testing that preceded the launch of the tokens, on the Ethereum mainnet. Smart Contracts require a high degree of confidence that the code is bug-free, as they can never be changed after they have been deployed.

The Tokens and the Project - Transparent, Inclusive And Community Driven!

The tokens themselves are implemented as smart contracts that nobody controls. They will go through their cycles for the next 200 years with absolutely no human oversight or administration whatsoever. There is no corporation controlling or issuing any of the 'Seasonal Tokens' and the contracts that have been set, are set in stone and cannot be changed in any way whatsoever.

The Seasonal Tokens project is a collaboration of miners, farmers, holders, developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who develop tools and educational material, helping everyone to learn about and use the tokens. As well, participants spread awareness and educate miners and holders about the tokens via articles, interviews, podcasts, explainer videos etc. Participants in the project seek to help a wider audience understand the value and benefits of Seasonal Tokens.

Everyone is invited to join our community on Discord and meet the community behind Seasonal Tokens. Community members have access to updates, announcements, initiatives, competitions and an inside view of the project development and future plans.

More information about how to use the tokens on the Ethereum and Polygon networks is available in the tutorials on the Reddit wiki.